Sure, the world might come to an end in December, and we could very well find countless ways to annihilate one another between now and then, but we all know the true crisis humanity is facing down: the terrifying, and deadly worldwide shortage of bacon.  A lack of grain will mean less food for pigs, thereby less delicious slabs of fatty meat to fry up golden brown, but you know who's not worried?  'Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson, of all people!  How would you like to hear his secret tips?

Nobody panic about the impending worldwide shortage of delicious bacon, and if you practice vegetarianism, well...clearly you have your own set of issues.  But thankfully, NBC and the good folks at 'Parks and Recreation' have decided to put together a brief PSA featuring the advocate of bacon and breakfast items everywhere, Ron f#%kin' Swanson!

In the PSA below, Ron has plenty of helpful tips in mind for combating the (admittedly blown out of proportion) bacon shortage, ones which we hope you take to heart lest we endure the true tragedy of a world without crispy, golden deliciousness.

And to thank the man for his heroic efforts, tune into 'Parks and Recreation' season 5 every Thursday, with a nice plate of bacon at the ready!  After you've followed the tips below, of course.