Paul Thomas Anderson has yet to formally announce his next feature directorial project, but while he’s in between gigs, he hooked up with some old friends to shoot a new music video. Behold, the PTA directed music video for Radiohead’s new single “Daydreaming”.

The video reteams Anderson with frequent collaborator and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood who has composed the scores for the last three PTA films, There Will Be Blood, The Master and Inherent Vice (Greenwood would’ve been nominated for an Oscar for the There Will Be Blood score, but it was ruled ineligible by The Academy for the “use of pre-existing material”).

Because it’s not a Radiohead and Paul Thomas Anderson music video without a little mystery, the end of the track features some distorted/backwards dialogue that the internet is busy trying to figure out. Maybe he’s saying “every minute” or “half of my love” or maybe it’s just a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup.

Perhaps just as important as the fact that there is a new Radiohead music video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson is the news that the new Radiohead album (title still unknown) will be released digitally on May 8 at 7pm BST. No track listing announced yet, but it will feature both this song and the previously released “Burn the Witch” (which you can watch below).