With Paul Thomas Anderson’s magnificent new film Phantom Thread expanding to wide release around the country, the filmmaker is doing his best to drum up interest for his fashion industry drama with candid online Q&As. (By the way, the thought of a movie about an uptight British fashion designer who hates how loudly his girlfriend eats her toast in a multiplex next door to, say, The Commuter, makes me way too happy.)

As part of an illuminating Reddit AMA, Anderson revealed which of his own movies he’s “most proud of.” It’s not Boogie Nights. It’s not There Will Be Blood. It’s not even Magnolia. In fact, it’s The Master, Anderson’s admittedly terrific 2012 drama loosely based on L. Ron Hubbard and the early days of the Scientology religion.

During a Twitter Q&A earlier today, Anderson also revealed his favorite non-Phantom Thread movie of 2017:

Can’t say I’m terribly shocked by that answer, though it is cool to see all the same. Here’s a good question - what are the odds PTA ever direct a straight-up horror film?

Okay, that would be amazing. But what is Anderson’s favorite Paul W.S. Anderson movie and why is it Mortal Kombat? Seriously, I need to know what PTA thinks of PWSA, and I need to know immediately. (I asked during this Twitter Q&A; sadly he did not respond.)

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