There are few different varieties of Pikmin that will aid you in Nintendo's upcoming Pikmin 3, and this latest video gives you a glimpse at what each class brings to the table.

In the footage above, you can see five different Pikmin on display, each showing off their respective abilities. Blue Pikmin are amphibious, and work well both in water and on land. Red Pikmin are impervious to fire, and have a bit of a nasty streak in them when it comes to combat. Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity, and can also be thrown higher than other Pikmin types. Rock Pikmin are way heavier than all the other Pikmin, but can be used to smash crystal barriers. Winged Pikmin might be tiny, but they can carry objects over water, and even lift obstructions.

Pikmin 3 is due out on Aug. 3, so make sure to study up on which Pikmin will be the best to use before the game comes out next month.