A never-before-seen region. A host of new Pokemon. What more could you want from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Pokemon X and Y?

Nintendo is prepping the wannabe trainers as best it can with its updates for the newest Pokemon title. We've already been shown seven new monsters we'll have to befriend during our journey, but in some new gameplay footage, we're shown four more brand-new Pokemon: Helioptile, Fletchling, Pancham and Gogoat.

You get a brief glimpse at all four in action, as well as a closer look at Lumiose City, the heart of the Kalos region. Kalos isn't just special because it's new though. For the first time in the franchise, Pokemon captured within the region will be classified under three different unique areas within the Pokedex.

Pokemon X and Y are both due out in October, but while you wait, you can check out the latest trailer and screenshots of all the new reveals below. Which Pokemon are you most excited to add to your party?