With the impending release of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' on Blu-ray and DVD, some of our readers will be getting a nifty Steelbook Edition only released in the UK. Said edition will hand its owners a very interesting Easter egg indeed via the bonus features: A possible connection between the 'Prometheus' and Scott's 1982 classic 'Blade Runner'. (It's unclear to us at the moment if this is relegated to the UK edition or is featured in all editions.) Geeks, start your drooling!

An eagle-eyed Reddit user caught a glimpse at the below text, written by character Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), which seems to indicated that Weyland's mentor was a certain replicant-creating tycoon whose creations eventually got the best of him. Check it out:

Reddit, "Huxleyism"
Reddit, "Huxleyism"

There's really no denying that Weyland is referring to Eldon Tyrell, whose Tyrell Corporation created synthetic people and implanted them with false memories. Need a more on-the-nose reference? Tyrell's building was built in the shape of a pyramid and overlooked the City of Angels.

This could mean one of two things: Nothing at all; just a fun little tie-in for fans of both films (which would be a bummer), or Sir Ridley has interesting plans for his reported 'Blade Runner' sequel. The original 'Blade Runner' takes place in 2019, 'Prometheus' in 2089. Could we be seeing a cameo - or more - from Pearce sans old-age make-up in Scott's 'Blade Runner 2'? Is an even more substantial connection being forged between both movie universes?

Just speculation, of course, but still fun to think about. What's your take?

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