It's another day and yes, another 'Prometheus' trailer, clip or featurette has surfaced somewhere online. This time around it's the latter -- a featurette -- and it focuses on the title "character"...not the Titan of ancient myths but the ship of the future.

The marketing for 'Prometheus' has been expansive, elaborate and all-encompassing; one could argue that the wave of clips and promos turning up every few minutes (all right, maybe every few days) has gone to a near-ridiculous extreme. But with interest in the film high as its release date approaches, 20th Century Fox keeps the blitz of new images and footage coming.

The new featurette gives a pretty detailed overview of the ship's exterior and interior, with commentary from writer Damon Lindelof (who talks about the meaning of the name), production designer Arthur Max, director Ridley Scott and various members of the cast. Max calls the design "insect-like" and describes the hull as a "carapace," while also touching on the individual sections.

As many have pointed out, there are a few passing similarities between the design of Prometheus and that of the Nostromo in the original 'Alien,' but the new ship is an altogether sleeker, cleaner and more beautiful piece of work than the first film's hulking space refinery.

If you have not had enough 'Prometheus' marketing yet and need to satisfy your craving for anything related to the film, check out the featurette below. 'Prometheus,' starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba and Charlize Theron, lands on June 8th.