Remember when Sylvester Stallone announced the 'Rocky' franchise would return, with Michael B. Jordan in the leading role of 'Creed,' and it didn't sound entirely crazy? Meet the antithesis of that, as Stallone's other aging icon 'Rambo' may soon come to TV in a new series with Stallone reprising the role! Oy, this day so far.

Via Variety, we've learned that Entertainment One has brokered a co-development deal with Avi Lerner and Nu Image to both develop and produce a 'Rambo' TV series, with Stallone in negotiations to get involved creatively, and potentially reprise his role as the original John Rambo. Whether this implies the series would focus on a new Rambo, or descendant of John, remains to be seen.

“I’m happy to be partnering with a prolific company like Entertainment One who has a track record of creating high quality programming for their broadcast partners around the world,” said cinematic 'Rambo' producer Lerner in a statement. “And I’m excited by the prospect of collaborating again with my good friend Sly for an encore in this next phase of the Rambo legacy.”

For those only aware of the character on a pop culture level, the 'Rambo' franchise first took off with Stallone's 1982 adaptation of David Morrell’s novel 'First Blood,' following a troubled Vietnam veteran and former Green Beret whose survival skills, and expertise in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat and guerrilla warfare carried the franchise across four films, most recently 2008 reprisal 'Rambo.'

Well, what do you think? Would an aged 'Rambo' make for good TV, or needlessly restart the dormant franchise? Tell us if you'd want to see Sylvester Stallone back in action, or at least passing the torch in the comments!

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