Though 'This Means Wars' might have tanked, it hasn't kept Reese Witherspoon from keeping busy, as she's lined up a number of high profile projects. Her latest get is ‘Pennyroyal’s Boot Camp,’ which she plans to not only co-star in but also produce.

It would be an adaption of the as-yet unpublished children's novel by Cartoon Network writer M.A. Larson, according to Deadline Hollywood, and Larson has been tasked with adapting it for the big screen. Publisher Putnam Children's picked up the novel, and and has already committed to a sequel.

The plot is as follows an orphaned girl, who travels to the Pennyroyal Boot Camp where she trains to become warrior princesses in order to defeat witches. So it's basically a take on 'Harry Potter,' and that means that Witherspoon's role would either be as parent, teacher or witch. Perhaps she'll plays the series' Voldemort.

Witherspoon is signed on for a number of roles currently, with 'Mud' due out later this year, 'Big Eyes' due next year, and an adaptation of the classic romance self-help novel 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus' also in the works. Witherspoon has also produced before, but mostly that involved the 'Legally Blonde' franchise.