Certainly one show we're keeping our eye on for the fall is that of the J.J. Abrams-produced, Jon Favreau-directed Eric Kripke post-apocalyptic drama 'Revolution,' for more reasons than the mouthful we just described.  As one of the more highly-anticipated pilots, even the screening we saw at Comic-Con 2012 left us with a few head-scratching questions, so who better to answer than Kripke and Favreau themselves?

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour panel for 'Revolution,' series bosses Eric Kripke and Jon Favreau were on hand to explain a few details about the forthcoming NBC series, which picks up some years after all the power in the world mysteriously vanishes.  For one, exactly what kind of power / energy loss are we talking?  “Anything that throws a spark, any circuit that carries an electrical charge…. That’s the simple, clean rule,” says Kripke. “That means batteries and spark plugs, engines….”

So while at the panel Kripke confessed that questions will be answered at a more brisk pace than that of, say, 'LOST,' the central question will of course remain what caused the global blackout.  Assuring reporters that the cause at least wouldn't be revealed as a solar storm, Kripke teased a bit of the research that went into plotting the concept:

I had an answer that explains all the different facets – why the power went off, and why certain people are able to turn it back on — but of course that was coming from just a writer’s imagination.

So we brought in a physicist and asked him very specific questions – if this technology were possible, and if this happened and this happened, would such a thing be possible? And he said that it would, that it actually explains it and make sense.

The pair also explained a bit of the reasoning behind replacing Andrea Roth ('Rescue Me') of the pilot episode with former 'LOST' and 'V' star Elizabeth Mitchell, pointing out that certain aspects seemed a better fit for the latter, before launching into why certain characters have access to amenities like ice, in a world without power.  “In a pre-industrial society, ice was possible. They would make these massive blocks [from glaciers]… and transport them down the coast, and by horse, and the block that would arrive would be one-eighth of the block that left," says Kripke.

Of course, you'll have to see for yourself when the series premieres this fall, but lucky you, you won't have to wait until September!  NBC will air a six-minute tease of the series during its 2012 Olympics coverage.

What say you?  Are you intrigued to see a world without power?  Will you tune in for the 'Revolution?'  Give us your take in the comments below!