'Revolution' fans were taken aback to learn that new episodes of the charged breakout NBC drama wouldn't premiere until March 2013, a practice that's been shown in the past to halt momentum for high-concept series on major networks. Now, with the show poised to get even bigger as it heads into the back half of its inagural season, NBC has released an action-packed trailer, and addressed the future of the series. Find out the latest from 'Revolution' inside!

Fans of NBC and 'Supernatural' creator Eric Kripke's buzzing sci-fi series 'Revolution' needn't worry about the future of the series, which premieres the latter half of its first season on March 25. Despite the unusually long wait for the latter half of such a successful season, Kripke told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour that "the little break has afforded us is the ability to take a breath, look at what we've done and really analyze it."

Despite the success, Kripke acknowledged what they could have done better over the course of the first ten episodes including "making it more shocking" as the season went on:

I felt like we could pick up the pace of the stunning revelations. The pace of the shocking surprises were a little too slow...and we really wanted to have a second [half] that was bigger, better, more exciting and more revelations, at the same time maintaining the format."

Kripke also teased the story of the remaining episodes, which left off a cliffhanger of General Monroe (David Lyons) finally obtaining the pendant that enabled him to power any of his war machines, decimating the opposition. "We start to deliver officially on the promise of the title and the revolution begins," Kripke explained. "Can this family...stick together in the face of these overwhelming odds and overwhelming dangers? Can you maintain your soul when you're a warrior?"

Curiously, NBC president Bob Greenblatt referred to the season's latter half as having 10 episodes, where previously an extended order would have brought the season to 22 episodes in total. The Futon Critic claims an NBC spokesperson confirmed 10 episodes remained, instead of 12. No reason was given for the change.

What say you? Are you looking forward to the return of 'Revolution?' Could the first 10 episodes have done anything better? Check out the new trailer for 'Revolution's return below, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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