Meet Ricky Sekhon. He's a little known British actor, who lives quietly in London with his wife and child. Ricky just wrapped his first big Hollywood role: playing Osama bin Laden.

Sekhon will star as Bin Laden in 'Zero Dark Thirty' - a film about the Navy SEAL raid to hunt and kill the world's most notorious terrorist directed by Kathryn Bigelow ('The Hurt Locker'). Sekhon joins Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, Mark Strong and Jason Clarke in the film that will hit theaters in 2013.

The actor signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prior to filming and his name was kept off official shooting lists to protect the actor. When reached in London by a reporter for The Daily Mail, Sekhon confirmed he had a role in the film but wouldn't talk about playing Bin Laden or any other specifics.

Sekhon reportedly lost 28 pounds to play the frail Bin Laden in his final days, hiding out in caves and growing sickly. While production on 'Zero Dark Thirty' is still underway in the Middle East, Sekhon wrapped his role, which was filmed in secret in Jordan over the past three weeks.

It's not an enviable role to play the most hated man in modern history (just ask the many actors who've played Adolf Hitler) but here's hoping Sekhon can rise to the challenge (though for once we won't mind seeing a character killed).

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