Rihanna and James Franco, now that's a pair of names that you don't see together all too often. But in reality, there seems to be a lot going on between the superstar singer and the actor, including a video that at one point could have starred the two of them and a possible role for Rihanna in Seth Rogen's next film.

Once upon a time Rihanna wanted James Franco to be her onscreen lover in her music video "We Found Love." You know, that one song of hers that gets played on the radio constantly. Then again, that's all of her songs so that doesn't really help, but maybe this music video will refresh your memory. Anyways, she wanted him to play the love interest but due to scheduling Franco wasn't able to do it.

Although Franco wasn't able to make an appearance in her music video doesn't mean that's the only chance the two have of working together. The Huffington Post says that Rihanna may be making an appearance in the new Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg directed apocalyptic comedy 'The End of the World.'

In 'The End of the World,' which was formerly titled 'The Apocalypse,' a group of celebrities are having a party in a random part of Hollywood only to be faced with the worst party-ender of them all; the world's end. There's a magnificent cast of people already lined up for the project which include Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and James Franco. Given the fact that the setting is a high-profile Hollywood party, it'll be easy to squeeze the actress into a bit part.

Rihanna can be seen next month up on the big screen in Universal Pictures' 'Battleship,' out in theaters on May 18th.