Although it was recently rumored that Rings would operate as a prequel or origin story of sorts, it’s been confirmed that the film is actually very much a sequel. New details have been revealed about the upcoming film, which has just added Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki (the artist formerly known as David From Roseanne) to the cast.

Per Deadline, Galecki has joined the cast of Rings, in what is described as a “complete departure” from his nerdy and sweet Big Bang Theory character. Galecki will play Gabriel, who aids the main characters, a boyfriend (Alex Roe) and girlfriend (Matilda Lutz), when they encounter the terrifying curse. Gabriel is described as, and I quote, a “pleasure-seeking professor.” Presumably, this means he owns a yacht.

In addition, we’ve also learned a couple of new things about the horror sequel, which follows a young woman fighting to save her boyfriend after he watches the infamous tape. According to Shock Till You Drop, Rings is set 13 years after the events of the first film, and will also feature Aidan, the son of Naomi Watts’ character in both the 2002 movie and its 2005 sequel. Former Friday Night Lights star Aimee Teegarden has also joined the cast, although it remains unclear whether David Dorfman will reprise his role as the precocious Aidan.

Rings hits theaters on Friday, November 13. Spooky.

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