When Robert Downey Jr. isn’t busy playing Iron Man, he’s busy producing movies that he usually stars in. And his next project seems tailor-made for RDJ’s talents — namely, it requires him to play a charismatic white collar criminal, and who is more charismatic than Robert Downey Jr.? Okay, Jennifer Lawrence. But that’s it.

THR reports that Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to David Howard’s upcoming book Chasing Phil: The World’s Greatest Con Man, Two Undercover FBI Agents, and Their Amazing Around The World Adventure, which Robert Downey Jr. will produce alongside his wife and producing partner, Susan Downey.

Chasing Phil is based on the true story of the FBI’s first white collar criminal investigation, and follows two agents as they pursue Phil Kitzer. Kitzer was an incredibly charismatic and intelligent criminal who orchestrated several multi-million dollar schemes and served as the leader of an organization known as “The Fraternity.”

Per the report, the project is being described as Wolf of Wall Street meets Goodfellas, so it’s really covering all the Martin Scorsese crime bases, minus Scorsese. Obviously, Robert Downey Jr. would play the role of Kitzer, giving him another chance to play a charismatic, well-dressed guy with lots and lots of money. They say art imitates life, after all.