The 'Robocop' remake is upon us, and whether you want it or not, you're getting it. Now more and more names are popping up to star in the film and Jay Baruchel is the latest who may be fighting crime with -- or against -- Detroit's half man/half-machine justice dealer.

The Hollywood Reporter has the latest casting news on the current 'Robocop' reboot being directed by Jose Padilha. Jay Baruchel, last seen in the excellent sports movie 'Goon' (it's on Netflix Instant. seriously, watch it.), is in talks to co-star in the movie.

According to THR, Baruchel will be playing "the head of marketing for Omnicorp, the company that is building the police cyborg." So that puts him in the 'bad guy' category. Or does it? This reboot is supposed to be quite a change from the 1987 classic so we'll have to wait and see just how big of a role Baruchel will play.

Joel Kinnaman will be playing Alex Murphy/Robocop and so far Hugh Laurie, Sam Jackson, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish and Jackie Earle Haley have already signed on. Baruchel will be seen in 'Cosmopolis' by David Cronenberg and he just finished shooting 'The End of the World' with Seth Rogen.