If you think the 'RoboCop' marketing machine has spent the past few weeks in high gear, you're right. After all, no 2014 film has to win over movie fans quite like this one, but that's the baggage you take on when you decide to remake one of the most beloved films of the '80s. Will a new batch of photos from the film change any minds? Probably not, but the more we see from 'RoboCop' '14, the more adjusted (and the less annoyed) we get by its mere existence.

No matter what the finished film actually looks like, these images remind us that director Jose Padilha went out of his way to fill this movie with top-notch talent. While star Joel Kinnaman may not be the biggest name in the world, the ensemble surrounding him is as strong as anything in recent memory. There's Gary Oldman as the scientist behind RoboCop's creation, Michael Keaton as a sleazy CEO, Samuel L. Jackson as a talk-show host, Michael K. Williams as a fellow police officer and Jackie Earl Haley as the title hero's post-cyborg-ing drill instructor. At least this version and the original will have a cast of really cool actors in common, if little else.

Other than that, the photos don't give us any significant insight into the film. We get a look at the new RoboCop suit from various angles as well as its various stages of construction (including one that looks like the original 1987 design) and we get a few decent shots of Kinnaman before he gets put in a robot costume for the rest of the movie, but there's nothing too surprising here. However, there's also nothing truly egregious or awful, so we'll take what we can get.

'RoboCop' rides into theaters on February 12.