Rosie O'Donnell's return to talk on Oprah's fledgling OWN network was cancelled, last week.  And the fact that staffers referred to 'The Rosie Show' as a "f**king hellhole" might be one reason why.

Rosie ODonnell

It's no secret that the comedian-turned-talkshow host has a rep for being demanding. However, she's also got a rep for scoring Emmys and ruling in the ratings.

Unfortunately, O'Donnell failed to replicate her previous success with the talk show format this time around.  And according to the The Daily Beast, the comedian's diva-like antics were a likely contributor to the show's demise.

“It was such a f**king hellhole,” said one disgruntled staffer. O'Donnell was reportedly not satisfied with her top-shelf staff, which included bandleader and 'SNL' vet, Katreese Barnes and Oprah Winfrey's go-to director, Joe Terry. And insiders say O'Donnell humiliated staffers when things didn't go her way.

O'Donnell's arrival at OWN looked like a promising move for the struggling network but the show quickly sank in the ratings and tinkering with the format only made things worse. Staffers got final confirmation of the long-rumored cancellation on Friday.

O'Donnell, however, was not on hand in Chicago to share the news with her staff. From the sounds of it, no one was disappointed by her absence.

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