Unlike Marvel, DC’s movie and television divisions aren’t working in tandem with one another for their shared universes, instead offering what’s been described previously as “alternate” reality versions, similar to the way comic books feature multiple versions of heroes existing on different earths or timelines. For DC and Warner Bros., this presents a challenge with at least one of their upcoming films, as The Flash movie will need to differentiate itself from its television counterpart. A new rumor suggests that they’ve figured out at least one way to do that.

According to Den of Geek, WB is looking to ensure that Ezra Miller’s costume in The Flash movie will be a distinctly different costume than the one Grant Gustin wears on the CW series. Gustin’s costume is a simple design in burgundy leather, while the film costume will reportedly be “tech-based” and armored. This is in keeping with Miller’s previous statements about the film version of the hero, whom he’s described as a sort of tech geek.

It’s a bit early for WB to be giving us any real details about The Flash, which doesn’t hit theaters until 2018. Furthermore, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is primed to begin immersing audiences into the studio’s new superhero shared universe, and that film doesn’t arrive until next spring, after which we have a few more films to get through until The Flash’s solo adventure.

Screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) is currently developing the script based on a story idea by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with Grahame-Smith making his directorial debut on The Flash solo film.