Saoirse Ronan is one busy, talented young actress, and she's just lined up yet another interesting role. This time around she's heading back to the past to play Mary, Queen of Scots in a new film for Working Title.

According to Deadline, Saoirse Ronan has been attached to the tile role in 'Mary Queen of Scots,' based on a script by Michael Hirst. Hirst is a seasoned pro in the world of period drama, having penned 'Elizabeth' and its sequel, 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age,' and he's worked on television series 'Camelot' and 'The Tudors.'

No director has yet been chosen for the film, but its said that the studio is taking meetings to find the right fit.

Ronan will play Mary, the Scottish woman who was crowned queen before she was even a year old. Her first husband was the king of France, making her queen consort. Mary's second husband was her first cousin (hey, things were different then -- keeping it in the family, you know?), who wound up murdered. But the real scandal arose when she married the man suspected of being responsible for her second husband's death, and an uprising followed that resulted in her imprisonment in Loch Leven Castle. Mary thought herself the rightful ruler of England (the Catholic folk agreed) and went to her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I for protection. If you're familiar with history, you'll know that Elizabeth came to distrust her cousin, and Mary was beheaded. If not, spoilers.

Ronan was most recently seen in Joe Wright's 'Hanna,' and is currently filming 'The Host,' the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's young adult science fiction novel of the same name.