Oh sure, you might think that living in California is one giant bed of fair weather roses, and it can be, but we Californians are always living in constant fear that the earth is going to hate us and in a flash, cause a massive earthquake that swallows us up whole. Thanks to New Line Cinema, we get to see a movie of how that would look called 'San Andreas 3D.'

THR is reporting that 'Journey 2: Mysterious Island' director Brad Peyton is in negotiations to helm 'San Andreas 3D,' the story about a massive earthquake that hits California. The script was written by Andre Fabrizio, Jeremy Passmore and Allan Loeb. The movie is expected to be budgeted around $100 million dollars.

Peyton is hot property after 'Journey 2' raked in a cool $325 million worldwide in February. He's also rumored to direct a big screen version of the DC comic book character Lobo, which is rumored to have 'The Rock' attached to star in.

No word on casting for 'San Andreas 3D' but we're sure John Cusack isn't doing much since he managed to survive the last disaster that hit Los Angeles. Aaron Eckhart might also be a good choice. If they can't get either one of them, Will Smith is a veteran at saving the world from disaster. Might wanna see if he's available.