Every year the networks (and particularly NBC) manage to let a few clunkers through the pilot process, occasionally leaving behind some surprising entries. Case in point, did you know Sarah Silverman filmed an NBC pilot for 'Susan 313' last year, getting surprisingly nude by broadcast standards and throwing in a Jeff Goldblum cameo for good measure? See for yourself in the full unreleased pilot!

Silverman herself released the discarded NBC pilot with the permission of 20th Century Fox, similar to 'Raising Hope' creator Greg Garcia debuting failed Rupert Grint-starring CBS pilot 'Super Clyde' a few weeks earlier. Silverman's own 'Susan' 313' featured the comidienne as a woman moving back into her old apartment after 10 years spent with her now ex-boyriend, alongside a cast that included Harris Wittels, comedian Tig Notaro, recent 'Parks and Recreation' guest June Diane Raphael, and Jeff Goldblum, written by Dan Sterling

Surprisingly, we're at a loss to reason why NBC might have passed on the pilot, considering some hearty laughs within, the bankability of Silverman herself, and the more miserable failures of the current line-up. That said, we'll hopefully have Silverman on TV before long regardless, given the recent announcement of HBO Lorne Michaels pilot 'People in New Jersey,' co-starring Silverman with 'That '70s Show' alum Topher Grace.

In any case, 'Susan 313' and Sarah Silverman are well-worth the watch, so check out the failed NBC pilot above, and tell us if you think the show should have made it to air in the comments!