As his childhood pal and constant muse Macon Blair breaks out at Sundance with I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, emerging genre master Jeremy Saulnier is lining up his next project. The indie stalwart had a cracking 2016 with the theatrical debut of his merciless punk thriller Green Room, widening his fanbase after the homespun revenge tale Blue Ruin announced him as a talent to watch in 2014. He’s well on his way to becoming American cinema’s go-to guy for clever, small-scale violence, and his newest undertaking sounds like it’ll fit in snugly with the rest of his bloodied-and-bruised filmography.

The folks at /Film have noted an announcement from the Calgary Herald that Saulnier will soon take to the wilds of Canada to shoot Hold the Dark, his latest feature. Principal photography is scheduled to commence on February 27, as Saulnier adapts the William Giraldi’s 2014 novel of the same name. The synopsis sounds like a real nasty piece of work, very much in line with the rest of Saulnier’s CV — during a brutal Albertan winter, a pack of wolves abduct three children from a rural town, sending the residents into a panic. A mother of one of the purloined kids harbors a dark secret, and then goes missing herself. Unraveling all of this falls to two men: her husband, who's just returned home from war, and local wolf tracker Russell Core.

Small-town setting, some well-placed bloodshed, a desperate man on a perilous mission — it’s another Saulnier joint, all right. Though the film has no release date or even a cast as of yet, what’s known at present is that Netflix will release the film once it’s ready. Brace yourselves, winter is coming.

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