A little over a week ago, Ann Curry bid a tearful farewell to her co-hosting gig on the 'Today' show. And while her replacement, Savannah Guthrie, has been filling in ever since, she didn't officially step into the job until Monday.

NBC's clumsy dismissal of Curry meant they had to use special care when choosing her replacement, and since the 40-year-old Guthrie has been hosting the third hour of 'Today' since last year, she was already a familiar face to viewers.

She's also a Georgetown-educated lawyer who previously served as NBC News' White House Correspondent and is the network's chief legal correspondent, meaning she's proven her chops as an interviewer with notable newsmakers including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But while she may have the gravitas required to report hard news, she also has the light touch required for the 'Today' co-anchor spot. As the show began on Monday, Matt Lauer welcomed her by saying, "You bring a great attitude and what we like to call a weird sense of humor to this program."

"[It's only] 7:02 and he's already calling me weird," Guthrie shot back before adding, "I love being with you guys every day ... I'm so proud and honored to be in a place occupied by so many women that I admire. Ann, Meredith, and Katie, and Jane, Deborah, Barbara."

Sensing her place in network history, she thanked Matt after he asked the control room to repeat her name from the opening of the show, saying, "I'm glad you played it again because I was so nervous I didn't hear it the first time."