Sometimes, you have to sit back and let vindication wash over you as a TV series pilot likely to be as bad as it sounds doesn't make it to the airwaves.  Sure, plenty of crap still gets through, but we have to pull the leash somewhere.  That's why as much as we love Tricia Helfer, Summer Glau and TNT, 'Scent of the Missing' being put down is probably for the best.

According to Deadline, TNT has officially passed on the Tricia Helfer K-9 Search and Rescue pilot 'Scent of the Missing,' despite vowing to keep the series in contention.  Though more plausible than it sounds, the series quickly drew laughable responses from critics upon its initial announcement for both the title, and history of dog-centric TV shows.

Executive produced by co-writers Carol Mendelsohn, Melissa R. Byer & Treena Hancock and Barry Josephson, 'Scent of the Missing' focused on on Susannah (Helfer), a tenacious, strong-willed K-9 Search and Rescue volunteer who works with her mischievous golden retriever. Eric Winter and Summer Glau were also to star.

Though TNT didn't initially pick up the show to series in May, it had planned to keep 'Scent of the Missing' in contention, planned to make a decision after shooting and evaluating a few more procedural pilots.  Thankfully, former 'The Walking Dead' show-runner Frank Darabont's 'L.A. Noir' still has a solid shot of being piked up.

Phew, folks.  What say you?  Were you at all interested to see Tricia Helfer and a canine co-star, or did was this one a tightly-coiled present left in our front yards?  Sound off in the comments below!