Mojang's new online collectible card battle game, Scrolls, finally has a release date. It's also gotten a spiffy new trailer to boot showcasing just what lies ahead for those of you eager to enter the open beta beginning on June 3rd.

Scrolls is the next game from the minds who brought you Minecraft in all its various forms and functions over the past few years. A hybrid Magic: The Gathering/tactics/strategy/social card battle game, Scrolls is about to enter public beta next week. The anticipated title will be available on both PC and Mac, and will retail for £13/€15/$20 depending on where you live.

Mojang will have more details on just what comes with the price of admission to the beta later in the week, but based on the type of game Scrolls is, we're betting on a host of unique cards or customization options for your avatar to get you started. After checking out the trailer above, we're eager to get our hands on the game. How about you? Will you be checking out Scrolls when it arrives on June 3rd?