There's a lot to love about this clip, but the best part has to be its opening line -- 'Late Show' host David Letterman asking rising starlet Shailene Woodley, "and you eat clay?" as if he was asking her "and you're an animal lover?" or "and your favorite food is pizza?" So nonplussed. So weird.

Woodley hasn't tried to hide her more, well, off-beat lifestyle choices, and they generally seem to add to her earthy charm. The fact that she eats clay isn't that bizarre, at least within the greater context of her many quirky, unique admissions. But, yes, it's still "strange," and Letterman is fully prepared to get to the heart of the matter on this clay-eating. Turns out, even Woodley's deep love for the material she ingests on a daily basis is no match for Letterman's interviewing skills.

Woodley's latest film, 'The Fault in Our Stars,' opens on June 6.