With 'Elementary' having been picked up to series over at the CBS's upfront presentation a few weeks ago, there's certainly no stopping the network from producing its modern-day Sherlock Holmes.  But, just because the Jonny Lee Miller / Lucy Liu series is still moving forward, that doesn't mean the other modern-day Holmes adaptation 'Sherlock's creator doesn't still have something to say about it. 

Speaking to IGN shortly before the pilot of CBS' upcoming 'Elementary' had been officially picked up to series, 'Sherlock' creator and 'Doctor Who' show-runner Steven Moffat continued his public denouncement of the series.  We've already heard Moffat speak a number of times on the apparent similarities between his and CBS forthcoming adaptation, though following recent talk about the eventual third season of 'Sherlock,' Moffat had some harsh words.

In the video linked below, Moffat describes that CBS apparently came to them first with the idea of adapting a modern Sherlock Holmes for American television, though when Moffat and BBC declined, the network went on with the idea anyway.  Apart from obvious concerns of CBS borrowing material, Moffat expressed worry that should the show receive a negative reception, it could reflect badly on 'Sherlock,' in addition to concerns that the press might occasionally confuse the series.

"Another example of what happens in L.A. television, I suppose," says Moffat.  "I wasn't very impressed by it."

Watch Moffat react to the series in the video here (beginning at around 2:50) and tell us if you'll tune in for 'Elementary' when it debuts this fall on CBS!