What’s a more Shia LaBeouf move than Shia LaBeouf playing his own dad? This is the dude who cut his own face and yanked out a tooth while filming Fury. He’s committed, and you can expect just as much commitment for his next film that’s all about his own life.

LaBeouf’s next project, Honey Boy, is a roman à clef take on the actor’s youth as a Disney Channel star and his relationship with his father at the time. While Lady Bird‘s Lucas Hedges is playing the young version of the boy we met as Louis Stevens, LaBeouf will be playing a character inspired by his father, Jeffrey LaBeouf. Now the first set photos have hit the internet to inform us just how much LaBeouf has transformed himself to look like his pops, and it’s really something. Please, behold a balding LaBeouf doing some light stretching on the beach in overalls and a brown vest:

That’s not all! Here’s LaBeouf rocking a safety vest:

As delightful as these photos are, Honey Boy is going to get into some intense material. The film, directed by Alma Har’el, will detail the time the child star spent hopping back and forth between the set of Even Stevens and 12-step-programs with his father, who was a recovering heroin addict at the time. The film gets its title from the nickname LaBeouf’s father gave him. Given that the Transformers star penned the script – under the pseudonym Otis Lort – it will likely touch on some of the upsetting incidents that happened on the Even Stevens set.

In 2000, the actor’s father Jeffrey LaBeouf, a Vietnam vet and former clown performer, was accused of sexual harassing an unnamed actress on the set of the Disney show, and the actor has previously spoken about the time his father attacked a gay Disney executive. His dad has a criminal history too, as a convicted sex offender who was also charged with kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

That’s a lot of intense, personal material to pack into a film, not to mention quite a task for LaBeouf to play his own complicated dad. (Who needs therapy when you can act it out!) But mining such heavy childhood trauma could certainly give us one heck of a LaBeouf performance.

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