I know, we'd all like to see Ellen Ripley fighting (or in the case of 'Avatar,' peacefully co-existing with) otherworldly aliens 'til our dying day, but at the very least, now we won't have to wait years in between our Sigourney Weaver fixes.

Deadline TV announces that Sigourney Weaver is making her first real foray into television, not with any kind of sci-fi bent mind you, but with USA's upcoming political drama, titled aptly enough, 'Political Animals'.  The series, reuniting Weaver with writer/producer Greg Berlanti, will air on USA this summer with a mere six-episode order, though USA ideally hopes the series could on for several years.

'Political Animals' , a Washington DC-based series will chronicle a former first family weakened by political ambition, lust and greed, centering on Elaine Barrish (Weaver), divorced former First Lady and newly appointed Secretary of State who lost her own presidential nomination.  Barrish relies on her son Doug (James Wolk of 'Lone Star'), an ambitious politico who serves as her chief of staff, while tormented by his twin brother’s addiction struggles. Meanwhile, her deposed ex-husband is still in love with her and the office he once held, and Barrish faces dealing with crises of the Department and a journalist looking to destroy her career.

'Political Animals' marks the first TV regular role for Weaver, having previously guested on Greg Berlanti's ABC effort 'Eli Stone'.

So, what do we think?  Could it be the next 'West Wing', a threat to 'The Good Wife', or will 'Political Animals' suffer from the notable weakness of "needz moar alienz?"  Let us know if you love Sigourney Weaver enough to watch, and give us your take down under in the comments!