Every time ‘SNL’ features a sketch built around a celebrity game show, it means one thing and one thing only: you’re about to see a whole bunch of impressions. This time, it’s the celebrity edition of ‘Family Feud’ starring the respective casts of ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice,’ a creative decision obviously driven by the presence of country star Blake Shelton as the guest host.

Held together by Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey (a character he can do in his sleep now), the sketch follows a familiar template. The first few minutes are spent introducing each celebrity and giving the cast member a few precious lines to sell their impersonation to the audience. Then the final minutes are spent watching these personalities collide, hopefully resulting in laughs. Like all of these kinds of sketches, this one is thoroughly hit and miss, with about half of the impressions and jokes landing with a thud.

But that’s expected! You watch these hoping to see just a few good celebrity impersonations and this one delivers just enough to be worth your time. Shelton may be awfully boring as himself (he’s certainly not an actor), but Taran Killam’s Adam Levine more than makes up for him. On the ‘American Idol’ side of the game, Kate McKinnon wins the day with her Keith Urban, making this the second time she has successfully portrayed a popular male singer in two weeks (although her Urban has nothing on her Justin Bieber). Others, like Jay Pharoah’s Pharrell, are exactly what you’s expect, for better or worse. It’s best to approach these kind of sketches like little competitions. Who’s the best? Who’s the worst? Which of these celebrity impersonations will be see again in the months ahead? Which one should never see the light of day again?