SNL definitely stumbled a bit with Jonah Hill’s fourth hosting this past weekend, so might Ariana Grande prove March 2016's unlikely savior? The singer and Scream Queens star has her own promos with which to judge, and they … are definitely recorded promos.

Paired with Taran Killam, Grande’s first official hosting promos for the March 12 SNL outing overlook the New York skyline from an indoor cafe, as Killam gets the requisite joke comparing the singer’s last name to coffee sizes out of the way. The next few … don’t elicit many more laughs, but there’s always a chance for surprise.

Grande previously acted as musical guest under Season 40 premiere host Chris Pratt, and makes her hosting debut pulling double duty. For the moment, the veteran sketch comedy series has yet to confirm any additional pairings beyond this coming Saturday.

While we wait, you can check out Grande’s SNL promos above, and brace for impact this weekend.

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