'SNL' is frequently at its best when it decides to go full gonzo and last night's episode featured a sketch that represents the show at its weirdest. Presented as a screening of an old '60s surfer movie called 'Bikini Beach Party,' the sketch features Taran Killam and guest host Charlize Theron as young lovers in a campy musical who decide to share a romantic moment on the beach ... next to the methane-filled corpse of a dead whale.

With its scratchy stock footage, inane (but sooo catchy) theme song and characters who won't stop singing, the sketch gets plenty of surfer movie genre details right, which makes the real joke connect even harder. What begins as a very funny parody of campy cult classics takes a dark turn when Killam and Theron's romantic excursion by the whale corpse gets a little explosive. The sudden violence is made all the more effective by the cast's hilarious performances, with everyone pulling off hilariously stilted, era-appropriate performances. Theron is very funny, but Aidy Bryant wins the sketch as the girl whose intelligence makes her the laughing stock of the beach scene. The runner up is undoubtedly Killam, whose awful, ukelele-scored song solo is just beautifully terrible.

What would happen if every 'SNL' sketch was this bonkers? Well, it may reduce the impact of true craziness like this, but who knows? More of this please, 'SNL' writers.

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