Everyone can agree that child actors are generally unbearable and drag down otherwise good movies. So what happens when you recast this year's Oscar nominees with a bunch of wooden, smiling and occasionally barely coherent kids? You get the Spotlightz! acting camp, which recreates some of the past year's most acclaimed films in unspeakably awful ways. Thanks for that, 'SNL.'

Of course, the "kids" are just 'SNL' cast members and their terrible acting is actually fairly tremendous comedy, but you've got to hand it to everyone involved -- they've really nailed everything that's terrible about child acting in three minutes. Of course, the laughs don't just come from intentionally bad acting. Oh, no. We also get to see great scenes from great movies get interpreted by people who simply don't understand context or drama. A cheery 'The Wolf of Wall Street' recreation is funny and a chintzy riff on 'Gravity' is funnier, but the big winner is the Spotlightz! take on 'Her,' which concludes with an awkward kiss and some truly hilarious robot talk.

'SNL' often does more direct parodies of films, but these kinds of sketches, which allow the performers to interpret popular movies and concepts in a totally abstract way, tend to be the best way to parody modern culture. More of this, please.