When Blockbuster announced that it was officially closing its doors, it was hard to hear for any real movie fans who truly cared. After all, this is the company that helped kill nearly every small video rental chain and relished in carrying a limited selection. So it's not surprising that 'SNL' made a video commemorating the closing of the controversial (at least among cinephiles) company, and it's less surprising that it's as weird and mocking as the show can get.

The pre-recorded sketch features Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Mike O’Brien, and Beck Bennett as Blockbuster employees who take the news of their company's closing in the worst way possible. After an extended mourning period (which includes the ceremonial viking funeral of a 'The Croods' standee), the guys start getting really weird, with one of the them going as far as to assault his local Redbox. It all climaxes when they journey into the woods, discover some kind of mystical Blockbuster haven overseen by guest host Lady Gaga and frolic through a Bacchanalia of lousy movies on VHS and sugary, movie-friendly candy. It's utterly bizarre, but you've got to hand it to 'SNL' -- it's anything but generic.

Of course, there's a big twist ending that isn't as funny as it needs to be, but up until that point, this is a skewering that Blockbuster brought upon itself.