Ill-conceived and ultimately underwhelming as Donald Trump’s recent SNL hosting proved, it created an intriguing side effect for NBC. Under FCC rules, the peacock would be forced to grant fellow Republican candidates equal time, and while the window to request has closed, fellow presidential hopefuls Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, and George Pataki have all stepped up to claim their time.

Notably, Trump only appeared in his second SNL outing for a grand total of twelve minutes and five seconds, a princely sum CNN reports will now be granted to the three candidates in different partitions. Graham apparently requested to be featured on seven stations in two states for just as long, while Pataki claimed stations in four states, leaving Kasich’s somewhat less defined for now. (Via Vulture)

Says an NBC affiliate head:

The network is currently working with those parties to find a resolution to their request. Resolutions could involve time on the network in other programs.

We’d count it more likely the time ends up in news-related programs than, say … an Undateable guest spot, or a villainous role on Blindspot, but who knows? Happy twelve minutes and five seconds to us all!

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