Drake’s feuds may not be as legendary as some of his predecessors, but they have made for some juicy gossip fodder despite his typically pleasant demeanor. While hosting this week’s SNL, the rapper managed to start some beef with, well, just about everyone — from Pete Davidson to the impossibly sweet Aidy Bryant, and even the cleaning lady. Yes, the cleaning lady.

“Drake’s Beef” leans heavily into the typical diss track tropes, with air horns and aggressive Kanye-like “hunh”s and a few unnervingly casual uses of “b—h.” It’s not really Drake’s style, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. It all starts when Pete Davidson embarrasses the rapper and artist formerly known as Degrassi’s Aubrey Graham (sup) with a harmless joke about how Canadians don’t own TVs. That’s silly enough, but the perceived slights only get more trivial from there: Aidy Bryant moves Drake’s hat to use a chair and Leslie Jones is too distracted by her phone to say hi.

Oh, and let’s not forget his bizarre obsession with Josh Gad. What is THAT about.