Man, the 'Saturday Night Live' writers really hate people who use their phones on the toilet.  What begins as a bizarre sketch about a portable office that you can take into the bathroom with you turns out to be a strangely straight-faced PSA about why you should keep your phone in your pocket while you do your business. Watch it for yourself below.

The video short finds a businessman (played by Keenan Thompson) hard at work, only to find his day interrupted when nature calls. Reluctant to waste any time making a trip to the restroom, he takes his handy, portable "Bathroom Businessman" kit with him, assembling an entire office in the toilet stall so he can keep working while his body, uh, takes care of things. It's a bizarre sketch with a bizarre conclusion, where Thompson finds himself trapped between the desk and the door unable to reach the toilet and unable to escape.

The final revelation that the whole thing is not a commercial but a public service announcement is weird, especially since SNL's fake commercials tend to be pretty straight-faced satires. The tacked on final note feels pretty gratuitous and unfunny. What do you think? Watch it and let us know.