Last night, for the first time in a long time, 'Saturday Night Live's musical segments proved to be actually worth your time and were not just an opportunity to run to the kitchen to make a sandwich. In addition to his regular hosting duties, Mick Jagger performed several times with special guest accompaniment. For the first musical interlude, he sang a medley of Rolling Stones hits with The Foo Fighters backing him up. For his second performance, he teamed up with Jeff Beck for a down and dirty blues riff about this year's political election.

First of all, here's Mick Jagger and The Foo Fighters performing "19th Nervouse Breakdown" and "It's Only Rock and Roll," which, it goes without saying, is pretty awesome:

The really interesting musical moment of the night came a little later though, when Jagger took the stage with Beck. "My roots are in blues music," Jagger said, "I love the blues because in any era, the blues talked about what was on people's minds." And with that, the two of them launched into a song that, musically, wouldn't feel out of place in a smoky blues bar. The lyrics, however, felt truly at home on SNL, where humorous political jabs are an everyday occurrence. The song, titled "Tea Party," takes jabs at political fundraising and Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, who, he warns us, should never be allowed to cut our hair.

In true blues fashion, the long incorporates some (strangely uncensored) profanity, so if you're watching this at work, you have been warned!