The problem with frequently having superstars guest host your comedy sketch show is that some of them act like they're above the material and refuse have some fun with their image. This was definitely not the case with Mick Jagger, whose hosting duties on last night's 'Saturday Night Live' pretty much involved him just having an absolute blast at every turn. One of the highlights of the episode involved a sketch where Jagger was forced to endure a series of truly awful impressions of, well...himself!

The scene opens with a group of businessman and women enjoying some post-convention drinks in a karaoke bar (a pretty standard start for a lot of sketch comedy, actually). Each of them is excited about performing, except for one bespectacled nebbish who says that his nerves will forever keep him off the stage and away from anything that involves him going in front of a large crowd. This guy is played by Mick Jagger, of course. One of his not-so-nervous colleagues (Fred Armisen) takes the stage and breaks into the Rolling Stones classic 'Start Me Up,' complete with a Mick Jagger impersonation. Everyone at the table agrees that Armisen's Jagger impersonation is perfect, except for Jagger, who doesn't think it's that good.

A few awful Jagger impressions later, Jagger's character finds himself alone at the table. Labeled a spoilsport by his friends, he breaks into one of the greatest classic rock songs of all time in a manner that's about as far from Jagger as you can possibly imagine. It's surely one of the weirdest musical moments you'll ever see on SNL.