Considering his reputation as a teenage heartthrob, it would have been foolish of Saturday Night Live to not upend guest host Justin Bieber's romantic image. The resulting sketch was one of the most bizarre moments from last night's episode, painting Bieber as the last person any self respecting young woman should spend alone time with. Check out the scene for yourself below!

The sketch is essentially a long monologue delivered from Bieber straight to all of the ladies in the audience, telling them what they can expect from a Valentine's Day encounter with him. Bieber's occasionally awkward line deliveries (whatever his talents, he is certainly not a trained actor) only enhance the steadily growing unease of the scene. It's revealed that Bieber is not only a bit of a creep, he lives with a terrifying man-child named Taco who will seemingly hang out and observe everything that transpires in Bieber's love nest.

It's difficult to say if the overal sketch really works as a whole, but bits and pieces of it are certainly odd enough to warrant your attention. And hey, at least we now know that Justin Bieber is not above making fun of himself!