The talk show is a tried and true 'SNL' template, giving the cast a great way to break out various impressions without having to get too creative with the set-up. This time, we're given a glimpse at "Pimpin' Pimpin' Pimpin'", a talk show where Katt Williams sits on a strange white throne and interviews/abuses his guests.

Of course, Williams is played by , who nails the impression. It's an utterly odd person to mock (though Pharoah nails it) and one that we're glad the show doesn't abuse by bringing it on too often. In the sketch, Williams/Pharaoh interviews people from last week's Oscars ceremony, including winners, presenters, people from the audience and others who really have no reason to be on the show at all. First, Brooks Wheelan shows up playing a pretty good Jared Leto, Oscar still in hand, and he's nearly too beautiful for Katt. He's followed up by guest host Lena Dunham's energetic and weird Liza Minelli. But neither of them can match Taran Killam's stoned Harrison Ford.

The sketch concludes with Noel Wells doing a Dunham impression, which is a nice meta touch. More of that please, 'SNL.'