After the infuriating events surrounding the Sony hack and the terrorist threat surrounding the now-cancelled release of ‘The Interview,’ it was incredibly satisfying to watch ‘SNL’ take on the whole controversy in the latest edition of Weekend Update. However, what begins as a pretty standard (and even deliberately lame) joke evolves into something far more surprising and funny.

When Bobby Moynihan shows up to play the ruthless North Korean dictator to offer Christmas shopping tips, you may be surprised by just how poor it seems at first. He doesn’t even try to do an impersonation. He simply puts on a black outfit, styles his hair and starts talking. However, that’s part of the joke. As soon as he begins, the anchors break character and tell him that this gag probably isn’t a good idea ... and soon enough, a bunch of red dots appear on Moynihan’s chest as he’s targeted for death. Once he notices that his life is in danger, Moynihan instantly drops the act, apologizes and then declares that he is not Bobby Moynihan. He is Seth Rogen! And then he’s gone.

It’s a simple and fast joke, parodying how a massive corporation let the dictator of North Korea decide what is and isn’t funny this week. It feels awfully cathartic.