Being a younger brother can be tough. Your older siblings are bigger than you, they're mean to you and if you're Eli Manning, they were big time professional athletes before you. On this week's 'SNL', Manning got a chance to work out his little brother issues in a hilarious digital short.

A parody advertisement for a Big Brothers-esque mentoring program, the sketch features Eli Manning teaching young kids self-respect and how to overcome tormenting the older brothers who have spent years tormenting them.

You've got to love it when a 'SNL' guest host is entirely unafraid to got big and bizarre. There's something awesomely shameless about how Manning approaches this role, like he doesn't care who sees him dunk young children in toilets and educate youngsters in the proper use of a crossbow. He may not be a great actor (and he's a pro athlete, so give the man a break) but he never once holds back. Check out the full clip below.

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