Though not every sketch had us rolling on the floor, last Saturday's 'SNL' turn with Louis C.K. hosting proved to be one of the better outings we've seen in weeks.  Among the numerous highlights of the episode, none got people talking so much as the comedians' spot-on parody of his own FX show 'Louie,' replacing the title character with Abraham Lincoln!  Not all of the funny and NSFW bits mad it to air however, so how would you like to view the unrated director's cut?

Thankfully, the only thing shot during Louis C.K.s Lincoln 'SNL' Sketch was the footage itself, not all of which made it to air!  NBC has released an official director's cut of the much-publicized sketch, which perfectly captures the format of the comedian's FX show 'Louie,' replacing the title character with that of the famed (and Steven Spielberg-ized) president.

In the NSFW version below, we get to spend more time with Aidy Bryant's Mary Todd Lincoln, the president's "historically crazy" wife as they get ready for their evening at the theater, but what goes too far?  Check out the official director's cut below, and don't forget to tune in this weekend to see Anne Hathaway, with musical guest Rihanna!