It's always interesting to see who is good at the whole "hosting 'Saturday Night Live'" thing. Some people that seem like sure things turn out to be awful (Daniel Craig) and others who don't seem to offer much turn out to be incredible hosts (Bruno Mars). This also applies to the host's opening monologue: some people are capable of standing and delivering on a stage and some people aren't. We think it's safe to say that Louis C.K. is more than capable of this.

C.K.'s history as a stand-up comedian makes him the perfect fit for an SNL opening monologue and his history as one of the best stand-up comedians working today practically ensured that his monologue would be a great one. And, well, it was. Less of a traditional SNL monologue and more like seven minutes of new Louis C.K. stand-up, he told the audience the story of being trapped at the airport during Hurricane Sandy and having an unforgettable encounter with an old woman.

In fact, the monologue is so good and so different that it makes us wonder: should SNL invite stand-up comedians on the show in the same way that they invite bands?