Fact: everyone around the world who isn’t a pre-teen girl with particularly bad taste wishes that Justin Bieber would suddenly vanish from the face of the planet, so last night’s ‘SNL’ was doing God’s work when it decided to make vicious fun of the irritating singer’s new line of a Calvin Klein underwear commercials. Hopefully, the show has no plans to actually invite Bieber on the show anytime soon because there’s no way this doesn’t tick him off (and we love it so much for that).

The wonderful Kate McKinnon plays Bieber and the equally wonderful Cecily Strong plays the patient model forced to put up with him in the sketch, which is actually three smaller bits that originally played throughout last night’s episode. They follow the same pattern as those fantastic Matthew McConaughey commercial parodies from last year: the first chunk is a slightly skewed version of the real thing, but things get progressively nutty and off-kilter with each passing scene.

McKinnon begins the ads as a fairly-spot on Bieber, capturing his smug, gross appearance and attitude in a genuinely uncanny impersonation...but then things get really weird and Bieber begins acting more and more like a grotesque man-child, bragging about his (minor) illegal activities, constantly talking about his junk and grossing out Strong, who begins the sketches looking tired of him and ends them looking ready to kick his ass. It’s delightful stuff.

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