The fake commercial on this week’s ‘SNL’ is a rare beast, a sketch that barely features any actual cast members and stars a bunch of little girls. And yet, it’s funny all the same, tackling a surprisingly touchy subject and getting juuust offensive enough with it. This is a commercial for “Asian American Doll” and the TV voice over goes above and beyond the call of duty to let us know just how inoffensive this product is.

Unlike regular dolls for little girls, Asian American Doll doesn’t come with many accessories. And her Dream House is empty. And she doesn’t have a name. And her pull string doesn’t produce any sounds. After all, as the narrator informs us, the last time the company released a doll with a unique ethnicity, they got into a lot of trouble. So this one is as generic as they come! The box even points out that she’s not naturally predisposed to math!

It’s an amusing idea that really works because, like the best ‘SNL’ fake ads, it actually looks like a real commercial. it especially helps that the girls in the commercial are played by actual kids, which makes the shock factor of some of the jokes hit harder. The final gag, which literally sends Vanessa Bayer fleeing from the room, is a perfect shade of deeply uncomfortable.