With the HBO documentary Going Clear currently making waves with its brutal expose on Scientology’s founders and members, it only makes sense that SNL would take a few shots at the world’s most controversial religion while it’s down. The show’s method of commenting on a pretty harrowing and horrifying case is genuinely brilliant: the show’s cast has assembled for a 25 year old music video extolling the virtues of a religion called “Neurotology,” which has been updated with annotations on the current situations of the many participants.

The result is a video that’s just as dark and brave and totally insane as the “Dakota Johnson joins ISIS” sketch that took the internet by storm a few weeks ago. While everyone sings and dances and derives so much joy from their alien-centric religion (which includes lengthy contractual obligations and mind readings), text on the screen notes who has left the religion, who has been sued, who is dead and who is missing. A lot of people are missing.

What makes the whole thing really work is the attention to detail. Since the video is supposed to look like a product of the early ‘90s, the video quality is terrible and the use of stock footage is hilariously dated. There are many moments where it actually looks like propaganda that the Church of Scientology would have actually cooked up. Um, we mean the Church of Neurotology. Please don’t sue us.