Normally, an entire ‘SNL’ sketch built around a podcast would be a little too niche, but when that podcast is the massively popular, record-breaking ‘Serial,’ it makes total sense. Sarah Koenig’s show about murder and investigative journalism may have recently concluded its first season, but ‘SNL’ will help you get another quick hit before the show returns next year. In fact, for people familiar with the podcast, this is probably one of the funniest sketches the show has done in ages.

If you don’t listen to ‘Serial,’ the best parts of this may fly right over your head. But should just give you another reason to listen to the original show to begin with.

Cecily Strong is uncanny as Koenig, who is devoting her efforts to investigating a mysterious and possibly magical man who claims to deliver presents to every city in the world every Christmas. Naturally, she’s skeptical and her phone calls with this so-called Santa Claus (Kyle Mooney) are raising more questions than answers. Hardcore investigation, including an ill-fated attempt to recreate a magical flying sleigh, ensue.

The best part about all of this is how generally small all of the jokes are. Fans of ‘Serial’ will find plenty to treasure, from Strong’s NPR-trained interview style to Mooney’s freakishly accurate recreation of Adnan’s speaking pattern. Millions of people won’t understand just how good this sketch is, but for the millions who listen to the show, it feels like an early Christmas gift.